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Inspiring Futures


We have worked with local app development company Lambda Cambridge to produce the Inspiring Futures app, now downloadable on Apple and Android devices. The app will be both a tool for participants to use to reflect on their experiences, and a means of data collection for us. As well as being able to use the app to fill in the research questionnaires, participants will be able to add entries to a digital journal. Following recommendations from current and former participants, these entries will be possible in different ways - written entries, photos, videos or sound recordings. Participants will be able to engage in the way that best suits them at the time. Participants' journals will contribute to the qualitative study, seeking to understand how and why the arts in criminal justice impact individuals, communities and society.

The development stage is complete and we're making plans to pilot the app with a group in the community. Updates on its progress will appear here.


If you would like a detailed explanation to help you use the app, you can download the User Guide: 


If you want to know how we use your data, download our Privacy Policy: 


Inspiring Futures is a 3-year research project investigating the impact and meaning of arts projects in the criminal justice system. It is an independent research project, embedded into the Inspiring Futures programme run by the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance, investigating the work of a number of arts partner organisations. It is funded by the ESRC.

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